Low Carb Easter

I’ve already said it, but, the end of the semester/school year was ROUGH. And as such, I pretty much shirked all responsibilities that weren’t studying. But, I finished a huge independent research paper – which I will publish here as per many requests – got a B in Anatomy and Physiology (so I’m moderately versed in all things human body), and an A in everything else!

So now I have some back dated posts to shre before I can get to the current stuff. Bare with me, book mark it for next year when it’s more relevant, remember you own good times, etc.

Starting with… Easter with the in-laws!


So, I spent the weekend out of town, visiting the in-laws for Easter. Usually when we go out of town (aka stay in a hotel), we find a reason to “have to” eat out, and that leads to “needing to” break away from a low carb way of eating. Well, despite my best efforts to have a bean and cheese burrito – and I think husband was going for arroz con pollo – we stuck it out! The way I saw it, we’d prepared some low carb alternatives for Easter dinner on Sunday, why eat carbs on Saturday and then be un-thrilled with the actual holiday dinner coming up?


All the low carb goodness that was necessary at the Easter dinner table:



I was actually excited when my mother-in-law said that father-in-law had been put on a low carb diet by his doctor. Usually when we go to their house it’s a struggle. They are feeders. They will feed you anything and everything until you have to roll yourself out of their door and wobble to the car from being overly stuffed. It’s a sweet gesture, but it’s completely counter-productive and it’s often really difficult to spend an ENTIRE day saying “no, thank you”, to the people who gave you the love of your life.

I was so excited about his new diet in fact, that I immediately started planning side dishes to bring since I knew they were really knew to the whole low carb idea. Y’all!

Cauliflower Mac & Cheese was the hit of the dinner table:

this was eaten faster than anything else on the table! i think they liked it

It was a little labor intensive to get the cauliflower down to an appropriate size so that it felt like “macaroni”, but my word was it worth it! I kind of hodge-podged a few different recipes together for this one because I wasn’t satisfied with any of them as they were. I have it written down in the kitchen and I promise I’ll put up a recipe soon!


I also made some dessert. If there’s one thing southerners love, it’s their dessert. If there’s one thing I love, it’s cheesecake. Fortunately, cheesecake is one of those things that is very easily adaptable to a low carb diet because it’s mostly just made of cream cheese. This was a recipe from Simply Taralynn but I cut the sugar down a bit and upped the lemon profile by adding both fresh squeezed lemon juice, and a splash of lemon extract.

Verdict? The cheesecake portion was delicious, the crust was good if you like almond flour (which I do, but the rest of the crowd wasn’t sold), but next time, I think I’ll be making it out of coconut flour instead. In my opinion, it could also have used a blueberry drizzle on top. This is happening again my friends, I’ll invite you over when it does.

All in all, it was a great low carb weekend and that’s another holiday saved for those of us who associate holidays with good food.

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