Cast Iron Skillet Adventures

I’ve been waiting for my Nana to give me hers, which she got from her mother, who… actually, I don’t have a clue where Granny (my great-grandmother) got the thing from, the lady was born in like 1913, her dad probably made it or something! Anyway, the thing about passed down cookware is that you don’t really get it until that person… dies… so I’m patiently waiting for Nana to give me hers. *insert Chrissy Teigen face, you know the one*

In the meantime, husband apparently has been dying to have one since he was a boy (25ish), and put it on his Christmas list. Since my shopping was limited to whatever I could Prime to the house due to having my bicep put back on just prior to our cross country trip to California for a holiday tour of my extended family, and also just the day after I took my final exams (which was also a week before everyone else at school took them, but I digress).

I’m pretty sure husband is cheating on me with this cast iron. He named it Cheryl. He bathes it regularly, he gets nervous if anyone else gets near it. He gave it a permanent home on the stove top – even though he regularly throws my tea kettle in the sink or in some godforsaken cabinet somewhere because “it’s weird to just leave it on the stove all of the time”. Guys, it’s getting weird…

What’s awesome about it though, is I can get him to cook just about anything at any time by suggesting that I think it would taste better in the cast iron skillet. He won’t let me use it so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Let’s talk about what’s right with Cheryl though…
Her frying skills!

Behold… pork rind battered chicken strips!!!!

These delicious, delicate, crunchy, slightly sweet, slightly spicy wonders will take your life to a new level. If you are low carb, and haven’t had these yet, you’re in the dark, and you need to come to the light.

You can buy pork rind dust on Amazon or you can just make it yourself with any hard object, or your hand if you have the patience. A little egg as a binder, and season as you see fit. When I went to the store to get the pork rinds, they didn’t have any plain flavor left, which would have been ideal, but we ended up using the BBQ flavor (still zero carbs), and adding red pepper to the dust for what we thought was going to be a spicy BBQ flavor. The BBQ flavor was veeeeeeeeeeeery muted, but, I’m 100% convinced it was better than the plain would have been. I could talk about how good these were for the rest of the day, like, if I weren’t low carbing, I’d still want these to be part of my life. Technically this dinner had some zucchini fries with it, but they didn’t look good at all, even if they were delicious. I decided to spare you all the combination of crappy looking delicious food + my not-awesome camera skills.

What I Ate All Day

String cheese
Pepperoni slices

Leftover taco-in-a-bowl

Pork rind breaded chicken strips
Parmesan garlic zucchini fries

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