Buckle Up For Food Month

I’m calling this food month, even though that’s probably every month. There’s this project that I’m doing, and I have to track of everything I eat for 30 days. It is probably the most tedious thing anyone has ever thought of, but alas, here I am. I thought it might be fun to keep track here, and with pictures, instead of on some boring old piece of paper with columns and boxes. Maybe I’ll get some extra credit points?

I think I’ve mentioned before that I love to meal prep, and that, if I had the time, I would come to everyone’s house and meal prep for them. Actually, if the people are willing to pay me for my time (since the reason I don’t have the time is because I’m busy trying to make money to survive), I would gladly make that my full time job… (*note to self: draw up business plans for this later). I did a very small scale meal prep Sunday night mostly for meals eaten away from home.

Buckle up for a month full of food.

A quick batch of ham and cheese egg cups for those early morning breakfasts’ as we run out of the door .

Usually these contain a vegetable but I was feeling lazy rebellious this week.

Neither my husband nor I have time during the day to get to microwaves, plus, we’re both pretty big into snack food as a meal, so our “lunches” always look kind of sad to me, but it’s what we like. The top row is mine – I get to eat lunch at home 2 days out of the work/school week – and the bottom row is his, he’s a little more adventurous than I am.

Let me tell you… those broccoli and cauliflower dippers with blue cheese dressing are the easiest, tastiest snack I’ve ever put together. Someone find me a tiny food container so it will look like the “on the go” veggie dippers they sell in the store for $3 a piece.

*Please ignore the True Lime drink drink powder with the fake sugar in it. While I’m not explicitly a clean eater, fake sugars give me dull headaches that go on for days and days at a time. Those belong exclusively to my husband who is a part time low-carber (he pretends with me, but he hits that Hardee’s drive-thru for french fries at least once a week).

Tomorrow night: Buttered steak with melted bleu cheese and roasted broccoli

Also: we are addicted to sparkling water. Anybody else? Which is your favorite?

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