Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner

The title of this post is probably only funny to me and the people in my Perspectives on Nutrition class. It’s a great class where we focus on how food laws came to be – a lot of political hullabaloo – and  how different parts of the food system in the United States operates – mostly inefficiently – and why. We spent the better part of the last few weeks discussing Check Off Programs, which basically amount to advertising by all of the people who produce a certain product instead of just one company. It’s more interesting than I think I can make it sound here and now, but the beef slogan makes me laugh every time I think of it now. Getting a degree in nutrition will ruin your ideas about food – this is half good and half bad.

About dinner last night though… I was never really a big meat eater, and definitely not red meat. We didn’t eat red meat as kids, because my stepmom didn’t want to I guess (I should ask her why), and thus it sort of makes me nauseous to eat it. Since switching to an LCHF way of eating I’ve been eating a lot more cow though. In part because it makes me full for a long time, but also because there’s only so much chicken I can eat before I never want to chew food again. Did I mention I’m allergic to everything from the sea?

We had some leftover steaks in the fridge that needed to be cooked pronto. So my husband did my favorite thing ever – slathered them in butter and tossed them in the cast iron skillet to char. Listen, we can’t get into this here, but I do not like red meat unless it is cooked 150%. I know, you’re cringing. You want to tell me that I don’t know what I’m missing, or that it loses all of its flavor, or it’s too chewy when it’s “overcooked”. I promise you I have heard all of that at least a million times and DO. NOT. CARE. Please finish cooking my cow. Please. Feel free to cook your meat however YOU like it!

Drop a little bleu cheese crumble on top of your steak when they are just about finished cooking and let it get melty. You’ll never look at steak the same way again.

  buttered steak w/bleu cheese crumbles & broasted broccoli

What I Ate All Day

Skipped it!
(I do this a lot, we only eat when we’re hungry around here)

Sliced salami
String cheese
Raw broccoli & cauliflower w/bleu cheese dip

Butter fried steak w/melted bleu cheese
Broasted (roasted then broiled for a few secs to get it crunchy)
seasoned w/salt, pepper, and garlic powder


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