The Almighty Zoodle

Pop quiz!

What’s your #1 go-to dish??

You know, the one you make when you literally cannot think of anything else to make? Or when you’re tired and just need to cook something from memory instead of staring at Pinterest boards and recipes and trying to remember how many tablespoons of cardamom to put in before it simmers… or was it teaspoons? Hmm…

You know what I’m talking about, the meal you’re probably ashamed to admit you eat as often as you do.

I have a few actually, which makes for a pretty easy week most of the time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just thrown some ground meat in a bowl with some lettuce, sprinkled some cheese, diced up some avocado and a few (20) dabs of my favorite spice, Tabasco sauce. I can eat this every single day, the only reason I don’t is because I start to think someone might see me and have me committed.

My other favorite is zoodles and meatballs.

I know what you’re thinking: There’s nothing quick or effortless about zoodles and meatballs. But you see… I always keep meatballs in the freezer. I usually buy ground meat at Costco or Sam’s, and as soon as I get it home, I make a bunch of meatballs, even if there are meatballs already in the freezer. They aren’t just used for “spaghetti” night either, they make a great snack on their own. Since giving up pasta – a decision I do not regret – I also spiralize zucchini every single week to just keep in the fridge. So when Husband walks in the door and I’ve been knee deep in homework and forgot to make anything to eat, meatballs go in the oven (sometimes in a frying pan), zucchini goes in the bowls, et voila! We also keep a giant vat of the husband’s homemade spaghetti sauce in the fridge most of the year – and he says the recipe is super top secret. In a pinch though, Mario Batali’s tomato basil pasta sauce only has 4 net carbs per serving!

Today’s lesson is how to store your spiralized zucchini for a week in the fridge:

  • Spiralize onto a paper towel.
    Hands up if you’re in the Paderno club! If you’re not, don’t fret, I started out with a Vegetti, and it was amazing. I just wanted to feel fancy with my Williams Sonoma swag, so I got this for myself as a wedding present. It’s totally worth the $60 since we’ve ventured into spiralizing EVERYTHING (you should see our spiralized beet recipe… but I’m getting way off topic).

  • Salt your spirals liberally.
    You’re not going to eat the salt, don’t worry, but it’s what dries the zucchini out so it’s not gross and soggy when you try to eat it. Seriously, don’t be shy, it ends up dissolving into the paper towel during the sweating process.

  • Um, put another paper towel on top of it and roll it up as tightly as possible.
    This step probably didn’t need a picture, but here’s one anyway! Let it sit at least overnight before attempting to eat it – if you want to eat it now, or later today, look for tips on microwaving to sweat the zucchini faster.

  • Store your rolls of zucchini tightly packed in something that is “air tight”. I usually use a Tupperware container that just so happens to be the perfect length for these, but when I can’t find it, I also just shove it all in a gallon sized ziploc bag and squeeze all of the air out before zipping it up.
  • Refrigerate up to a week – though admittedly, twice I have left these in the fridge for 14 days and found them to still be in good condition, and we gobbled them right up, but that’s a risk you’ll have to take on your own – and take out however many rolls you need at meal time. The paper towel should be wet, and will likely be soaking wet.

And bon appétit!

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