I’ve been avoiding pretty much all things having to do with my health recently. I just… didn’t want to face the facts, which are that, my right rotator cuff is done for!

It would end up being a very long story, but to summarize, I got a shot at the doctor’s office, the needle was placed in the wrong spot and it resulted in a torn rotator cuff. I haven’t had the MRI to confirm this yet, but every single doctor I’ve seen has bet their mortgage that it’s a tear based on my symptoms. The internet tends to agree.


Because I was being stubborn and didn’t want to admit that I could no longer use my arm for workouts, I just stopped working out altogether. Smart, right? It was really easy to just bury myself in my school work, and pretend that I was getting enough exercise by walking from class to class – our campus is NOT that big. I have a hundred projects going on, Chemistry class, am busy trying to rack up volunteer hours, and also at some point I’m actually learning about food and nutrition – luckily for me, I already know a lot of this introductory stuff, but that probably won’t last long.

The real problem is, I have certain workouts that I enjoy and I basically hate doing everything else. I don’t like being outdoors in general, so any of those “you don’t need a gym to do this” workout plans are a no-go. I really love yoga and Piyo and lifting heavy weights. I get bored easily so I need something that I’m struggling to keep up with. As you might imagine, basically all that is left with an immobilizing shoulder injury is a stationary bike (if you can ride without holding on) and walking (running is agitating to the entire shoulder region). Alas, today, day one of Fall Break from school, I got myself together and went to the gym. If you ever needed confirmation that getting back to the gym after time off is hard, here it is: IT’S HARD. Be a friend, don’t do that to yourself.

Also, have I mentioned that I hate the treadmill?

But, I have a goal:

Gotta get into these pants by Thanksgiving!

So, if I’m going to make that goal, I have to be friends with the treadmill until this shoulder gets better. If anyone has any wonderful workouts that don’t involve the shoulder, please share with me!

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