Low Carb Easter

I’ve already said it, but, the end of the semester/school year was ROUGH. And as such, I pretty much shirked all responsibilities that weren’t studying. But, I finished a huge independent research paper – which I will publish here as per many requests – got a B in Anatomy and Physiology (so I’m moderately versed in all things human body), and an A in everything else!

So now I have some back dated posts to shre before I can get to the current stuff. Bare with me, book mark it for next year when it’s more relevant, remember you own good times, etc.

Starting with… Easter with the in-laws!


So, I spent the weekend out of town, visiting the in-laws for Easter. Usually when we go out of town (aka stay in a hotel), we find a reason to “have to” eat out, and that leads to “needing to” break away from a low carb way of eating. Well, despite my best efforts to have a bean and cheese burrito – and I think husband was going for arroz con pollo – we stuck it out! The way I saw it, we’d prepared some low carb alternatives for Easter dinner on Sunday, why eat carbs on Saturday and then be un-thrilled with the actual holiday dinner coming up?


All the low carb goodness that was necessary at the Easter dinner table:



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School’s Out for…

Summer. Just for summer.

Okay, I’m taking the current week off from life in (excluding Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime video) to de-stress myself after finals and graduations and parties (yes parties are stressful, especially when you forgot to pick up gifts for anyone and remember when you’re half an hour away and already 15 minutes late), and migraines. Oy!

We have so much to talk about this summer though. Including, the scale free summer challenge, bacon (we’re always going to talk about bacon), baking bread from scratch, and my research paper that I’m going to share by popular request.

See ya on Monday when my lazy break ends.


Cast Iron Skillet Adventures

I’ve been waiting for my Nana to give me hers, which she got from her mother, who… actually, I don’t have a clue where Granny (my great-grandmother) got the thing from, the lady was born in like 1913, her dad probably made it or something! Anyway, the thing about passed down cookware is that you don’t really get it until that person… dies… so I’m¬†patiently waiting for Nana to give me hers. *insert Chrissy Teigen face, you know the one*

In the meantime, husband apparently has been dying to have one since he was a boy (25ish), and put it on his Christmas list. Since my shopping was limited to whatever I could Prime to the house due to having my bicep put back on just prior to our cross country trip to California for a holiday tour of my extended family, and also just the day after I took my final exams (which was also a week before everyone else at school took them, but I digress).

I’m pretty sure husband is cheating on me with this cast iron. He named it Cheryl. He bathes it regularly, he gets nervous if anyone else gets near it. He gave it a permanent home on the stove top – even though he regularly throws my tea kettle in the sink or in some godforsaken cabinet somewhere because “it’s weird to just leave it on the stove all of the time”. Guys, it’s getting weird…

What’s awesome about it though, is I can get him to cook just about anything at any time by suggesting that I think it would taste better in the cast iron skillet. He won’t let me use it so¬†¬Į\_(„ÉĄ)_/¬Į

Let’s talk about what’s right with Cheryl though…
Her frying skills!

Behold… pork rind battered chicken strips!!!!

These delicious, delicate, crunchy, slightly sweet, slightly spicy wonders will take your life to a new level. If you are low carb, and haven’t had these yet, you’re in the dark, and you need to come to the light.

You can buy pork rind dust on Amazon or you can just make it yourself with any hard object, or your hand if you have the patience. A little egg as a binder, and season as you see fit. When I went to the store to get the pork rinds, they didn’t have any plain flavor left, which would have been ideal, but we ended up using the BBQ flavor (still zero carbs), and adding red pepper to the dust for what we thought was going to be a spicy BBQ flavor. The BBQ flavor was veeeeeeeeeeeery muted, but, I’m 100% convinced it was better than the plain would have been. I could talk about how good these were for the rest of the day, like, if I weren’t low carbing, I’d still want these to be part of my life. Technically this dinner had some zucchini fries with it, but they didn’t look good at all, even if they were delicious. I decided to spare you all the combination of crappy looking delicious food + my not-awesome camera skills.

What I Ate All Day

String cheese
Pepperoni slices

Leftover taco-in-a-bowl

Pork rind breaded chicken strips
Parmesan garlic zucchini fries

When In Doubt, Put It In A Bowl

One of my favorite things about low carb eating is that I constantly discover new ways to enjoy my favorite foods. I’m from Southern California – Orange County specifically, but my entire extended family is still in San Diego where my dad grew up, and I’m really a San Diegan at heart. Tacos are religion. In my family, it’s not abnormal to just eat tacos every single day of the week. Taco Tuesday is for amateurs.

But what’s a taco-loving girl to do without her taco shells?

Making taco shells out of cheese is always a good idea – and I do that frequently – but it’s sorta time consuming, and we can talk about that in the future. But… enter the bowl!


not a filter but it is a pretty dreamy meal so i don’t blame the camera for the hazy view!


Yup, just dump all your taco fixins in the bowl and enjoy. You can call it a burrito bowl if you want, but taco in a bowl makes me feel more at home. I added a little extra lettuce mix because we have really large bowls and it looked kinda sad before hand, also because I actually just love eating crunchy greens. The neat thing about this “recipe” is that you can make it whatever you want. I used ground beef, but you can try ground turkey or chicken, shredded chicken, chicken chunks, carnitas, etc. I also have some guac (also a staple in California), sour cream, cheddar and TABASCO. Y’all know how I feel about Tabasco sauce – it’s life!

Truth be told, I ate this for lunch a few days ago. Since that day I’ve been¬†slammed with homework and haven’t had a chance to get here to post my meals. I was so busy I didn’t even eat dinner that night, not that I was terribly hungry anyway. I just had a light snack while I slaved away at my computer. This semester cannot end soon enough!

What I Ate All Day

2 ham and cheese egg cups

Taco-in-a-bowl w/
Ground beef
Cheddar cheese
Homemade guacamole
Sour cream
Broccoli/kale/cabbage mix

Beef jerky (Field Trip brand is the best!)



Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner

The title of this post is probably only funny to me and the people in my Perspectives on Nutrition class. It’s a great class where we focus on how food laws came to be – a lot of political hullabaloo – and ¬†how different parts of the food system in the United States operates – mostly inefficiently – and why. We spent the better part of the last few weeks discussing Check Off Programs, which basically amount to advertising by all of the people who produce a certain product instead of just one company. It’s more interesting than I think I can make it sound here and now, but the beef slogan makes me laugh every time I think of it now. Getting a degree in nutrition will ruin your ideas about food – this is half good and half bad.

About dinner last night though… I was never really a big meat eater, and definitely not red meat. We didn’t eat red meat as kids, because my stepmom didn’t want to I guess (I should ask her why), and thus it sort of makes me nauseous to eat it. Since switching to an LCHF way of eating I’ve been eating a lot more cow though. In part because it makes me full for a¬†long¬†time, but also because there’s only so much chicken I can eat before I never want to chew food again. Did I mention I’m allergic to everything from the sea?

We had some leftover steaks in the fridge that needed to be cooked pronto. So my husband did my favorite thing ever – slathered them in butter and tossed them in the cast iron skillet to char. Listen, we can’t get into this here, but I do not like red meat unless it is cooked 150%. I know, you’re cringing. You want to tell me that I don’t know what I’m missing, or that it loses all of its flavor, or it’s too chewy when it’s “overcooked”. I promise you I have heard all of that at least a million times and DO. NOT. CARE. Please finish cooking my cow. Please. Feel free to cook your meat however YOU like it!

Drop a little bleu cheese crumble on top of your steak when they are just about finished cooking and let it get melty. You’ll never look at steak the same way again.

  buttered steak w/bleu cheese crumbles & broasted broccoli

What I Ate All Day

Skipped it!
(I do this a lot, we only eat when we’re hungry around here)

Sliced salami
String cheese
Raw broccoli & cauliflower w/bleu cheese dip

Butter fried steak w/melted bleu cheese
Broasted (roasted then broiled for a few secs to get it crunchy)
seasoned w/salt, pepper, and garlic powder


Buckle Up For Food Month

I’m calling this food month, even though that’s probably every month. There’s this project that I’m doing, and I have to track of everything I eat for 30 days. It is probably the most tedious thing anyone has ever thought of, but alas, here I am. I thought it might be fun to keep track here, and with pictures, instead of on some boring old piece of paper with columns and boxes. Maybe I’ll get some extra credit points?

I think I’ve mentioned before that I love to meal prep, and that, if I had the time, I would come to everyone’s house and meal prep for them. Actually, if the people are willing to pay me for my time (since the reason I don’t have the time is because I’m busy trying to make money to survive), I would gladly make that my full time job… (*note to self: draw up business plans for this later). I did a very small scale meal prep Sunday night mostly for meals eaten away from home.

Buckle up for a month full of food.

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The Almighty Zoodle

Pop quiz!

What’s your #1 go-to dish??

You know, the one you make when you literally cannot think of anything else to make? Or when you’re tired and just need to cook something from memory instead of staring at Pinterest boards and recipes and trying to remember how many tablespoons of cardamom to put in before it simmers… or was it teaspoons? Hmm…

You know what I’m talking about, the meal you’re probably ashamed to admit you eat as often as you do.

I have a few actually, which makes for a pretty easy week most of the time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve just thrown some ground meat in a bowl with some lettuce, sprinkled some cheese, diced up some avocado and a few (20) dabs of my favorite spice, Tabasco sauce. I can eat this every single day, the only reason I don’t is because I start to think someone might see me and have me committed.

My other favorite is zoodles and meatballs.

I know what you’re thinking: There’s nothing quick or effortless about zoodles and meatballs. But you see… I always keep meatballs in the freezer. I usually buy ground meat at Costco or Sam’s, and as soon as I get it home, I make a bunch of meatballs, even if there are meatballs already in the freezer. They aren’t just used for “spaghetti” night either, they make a great snack on their own. Since giving up pasta – a decision I do not regret – I also spiralize zucchini every single week to just keep in the fridge. So when Husband walks in the door and I’ve been knee deep in homework and forgot to make anything to eat, meatballs go in the oven (sometimes in a frying pan), zucchini goes in the bowls, et voila! We also keep a giant vat of the husband’s homemade spaghetti sauce in the fridge most of the year – and he says the recipe is super top secret. In a pinch though, Mario Batali’s tomato basil pasta sauce only has 4 net carbs per serving!

Today’s lesson is how to store your spiralized zucchini for a week in the fridge:

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Thought of the Week

We spent this week in class discussing how MyPlate (formerly the Food Pyramid we all know and love) came to be. I’m curious how many of you actually heed the government’s MyPlate advice in your daily life? 

To say intentionally vague things about the politics behind a government giving out health advice, here’s a quote from my professor that really struck a chord with me:


Perusing the internet today for a group presentation and I came across a blog that gave a recipe for “Healthy Sugar Cubes”.

Wait… what?

After reading the post, I kinda¬†sorta¬†understand where the blogger was coming from, buuuuuuuuut… it made me think about the vast number of things you can find a recipe for on the internet where someone just put the word “healthy” in front of whatever it is. I haven’t actually tried it, but I bet I could find a recipe for “Healthy Margarine” somewhere out there.

Monthly PSA: putting the word “healthy” in front of something, doesn’t make it healthy. Make sure y’all are reading and thinking about what you’re actually doing in the kitchen!

Happy New Year. 

Hey look, that’s me, being miserable after still having the audacity to believe that flying across the country was a good idea ¬†9 days post-op.


In fact, it was not a good idea. Not a good idea at all. The backstory here is long, but suffice it to say that I went in for a little rotator cuff repair, and came out with my bicep being reattached instead. It is exactly as “ouch”-y as you imagine.

Another thing happened though. I subsisted solely on saltine crackers for a few days, until I couldn’t keep even those down. Bye bye ketosis.

But hey, it’s the new year, and bad habits – even those formed out of a post surgical drug haze – are ready to be broken.

Did everyone restart their diet/workout routines yet?

* Part of my 2017 goal list is to utilize this page more. ¬†have a bunch of stuff I can’t wait to share – I just need a little extra time to type it all up with my one good arm.